The other day, I was linting my Go code with golangci-lint when I got this error:

File is not `goimports`-ed (goimports)

I examined the file and found nothing amiss, but the linter insisted something was wrong.

Eventually, I realized I had used spaces to indent the file rather than tabs. Changing the indent character to tabs fixed it.

I then ran into the same error on a second file. This time, I had a comment which was wrong. There were two spaces before the first word in the comment (see below).


//  Thing is a struct which holds info!  <-- 2 spaces after double slashes!
type Thing struct {
	Stuff     string
	MoreStuff int

Removing the double-space fixed it.

So, to fix this error:

  • Tab-indent your Go files
  • Don’t have two spaces before your comments