In no particular order, here are some things which delight me:

Books & Blogs

  • Cal Newport’s books and blog
    • This man has significantly improved my working life and made me more effective in general.
    • I strongly recommend Deep Work and Digital Minimalism. Digital Minimalism was responsible for helping me kick my Reddit and YouTube habit.
  • The Coffeehouse Investor
    • This book kickstarted my Save For Retirement Like A Motherfucker(tm) plan.


  • Sublime Text
    • I basically live in a text editor for work, so a great text editor is essential.
    • This is some of the best money I’ve ever spent a piece of software.
  • Things 3
    • What do you get when you combine people who really get good design and engineers? Things 3. That’s what.
    • This is easily the best to-do list app that I’ve ever used.


  • Tom Bihn
    • They make some of the most enjoyable to use travel gear out there.
    • I own many products by them and my favorite is their packing cubes.
  • GoRuck GR1
    • This is the best backpack I’ve ever owned. Hands down. I had no idea I could enjoy using a backpack so much.